Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política is a project began from October 2010 to create and convert a wide range of sessions, such as class and workshop in university and professional school or in-group playing, into a collaborative platform. One of our aims with this project is to think about a way of thinking in order to deal or not to deal with something political, social and historical issues that we find it more difficult to approach or underlying problems in daily life that’s been on our and the participant’s mind.

The name, Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política is in portuguese sampling from the name of Samba school in Brazil besides the design of each project often reflect situations found in the Samba school that both amateurs and professionals studies together. It is neither a relationship between teachers and students nor organizers and participants. It is a frame to study something together from the relationship of teaching / being taught with respect to one another.

Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política was initiated by Yasuto Masumoto taking place on a regular basis and a day-to-day basis. Later Tokumasa Matsubuchi, Rintaro Yamada, Shunichi S joined.

Antenna Media NPO法人”Antenna Media”はアーティスト、キュレーター、デザイナー、編集者、建築家など、総勢10名からなるクリエイティブグループ。互いの能力の交差から生じる反応により、既存の概念の再考と、新たな視点の提案を行う。また京都を拠点に、新しい文化の創造にむけた環境整備と、さまざまな人が往来するコミュニティづくりを目指す。