Things not being able to be done in a method but might be done in an another method

Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política is a project began from October 2010 to create and convert a wide range of sessions, such as clas and workshop in university and professional school or in-group playing, into a collaborative platform. One of our aims with this project is to think about a way of thinking in order to deal or not to deal with something political, social and historical issues that we find it more difficult to approach or underlying problems in daily life that’s been on our and the participant’s mind.

However, there are many different issues and it is difficult to find out a definite connection among the treated problems in each event but rather it is better to say that we keeps to put something definite on hold. Therefore, this project through on the whole seems to be naive and elusive activity, but it seems to be at least predicated follows: It is that things not being able to be done in a method but might be done in an another method, or that things not working with an idea but might be working with an another idea. In other words, this project is an attempt to explore such possibilities.

The name, Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política is in portuguese sampling from the name of Samba school in Brazil besides the design of each project often reflect situations found in the Samba school that both amateurs and professionals studies together. It is neither a relationship between teachers and students nor organizers and participants. It is a frame to study something together from the relationship of teaching / being taught with respect to one another.

Yasuto Masumoto