#2 Basement Area

I don’t really like this word explore as well as survival, even its image and its behavior. Levi-Strauss said such a thing on his book.. Anyway I don’t really like to talk to someone what I have seen and heard, as my own experience after getting into a place where it’s for me an alien territory. That kind of violence is..

It does mean though, I just don’t use the word explore but I might have done such a thing. I want to eat delicious foods and beers that someone have eaten before. If it’s good taste, I will talk this to someone, and that you have to eat it otherwise you can’t understand it. In any case, the violence of talking about something as your own experience is a matter of consciousness, even it’s enough just to know what it is. if not, you’re going to walk into a beautifull trap of politics and might assume an attitude of turning a knife in someone’s heart at the unconscious level. But there is only one person who walk into the trap consciously and enable to learn something positively with that as far as I know. That’s what I was thinking during wandering through the basement of the building in Koganei city (Tokyo), which can be called explore I guess..